ISIH Releases



A state of serene calmness

This release explores the moods of calmness and comfortability — a dichotomy of relief versus apathy. These themes are explored through various audio and visual samples within dual layers of improvisation.



Feeling anxiety or concern; unsettled.

"She didn't seem perturbed about the noises around her"

This release explores the claustrophobic and uncomfortable moods, both as the victim and the perpetrator. With samples gathered from different sources the two layers of improvisation, both audio and video, explores these themes

About ISIH

'I see I hear' is a multimedia format that unifies video and audio, creating an inseparable unit. With a blending of physical and digital, the artwork is gathered through a download code, yet the physicality is an inherent part of the experience. This is meant to be seen, felt and placed in the context of other physical releases, for example with your LPs or magazines. Whether it is watched on the big screen with surround sound or whilst commuting on your phone with a cheap headset, makes little difference — it's all part of the experience.